Marie Glaize
Born in 1990, lives in Paris.
instagram : @marieglaize

News :

Participation in the group show Soyez les bienvenu.e.s,
Frac Picardie, 45 Rue Pointin, 80000 Amiens,
November 9 to December 17, 2021.

Participation in the group show Floating i,
in.plano, 62 avenue Jean Jaurès, 93450 L'Île Saint-Denis,
from November 26 to December 3, 2021.

Objets rapportés du Maroc, with Flore Eckmann,
Fanzinarium, 48 Rue des Vignoles, 75020 Paris,
Saturday, December 11, 2021 from 5pm to 9pm.

8/8e, project organized with Flore Eckmann and Antoinette Jattiot, supported by Cunst Link
commerces de Saint-Gilles, 1060 Bruxelles,
du 5 au 26 février 2022.

Participation in duo with Flore Eckmann in La treizième, c'est cadeau ! , a project by Pauline Charpentier,
Cherbourg and Octeville markets, on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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Marie Glaize collects the exchanges she creates between people. Her practice arises from already existing objects or objects made specially to arouse and generate social interconnectedness. These artistic objects are not intended to remain purely formal and inert. Their meaning resides in their ability to provoke exchanges and barterings. As spaces where every kind of interaction becomes possible, the objects assert themselves as powerful and rational catalysts. Thus, Marie Glaize builds a repertoire in which every one of her elements creates a singular encounter: the aquarium of a Chinese restaurant that becomes an exhibition space, where she invites artists to show their work every week (888, which took place between the 8th of February and the 8th of April 2018 with eight different artists); bracelets and cuffs that become the supports for portable works conceived by a group of people formed for the occasion, each member transmitting his or her proposition through the mail on a weekly basis and creating or wearing the one he or she has received in turn (Liens, 2017); she accepts drawings found by people in exchange for drawings she herself found and turned into pins (Anonyme, 2016)... In order to immortalize and document the existence of the new communities she invents, Marie Glaize relies on the immaterial space of the web, the place of all modern exchanges. There, she allows the traces of these encounters to materialize. The collective nature of her work encourages art to leave its own semiotic system in order to include individual gestures and reactions. Creating the transmission of thoughts and ideas by means of simple protocols, she questions modern interconnectedness and our relationship to the other by encouraging empathy and contact between people.

Licia Demuro, Catalog of the 64th Salon de Montrouge