« Born in 1990, Marie Glaize lives in Paris and focuses her artistic practice on relationships between people. She creates objects with a potential for social bounding, and are therefore made to evolve, to create reactions and to be used. These objects make sense when they are “activated” and produce a space for sharing, encounters and interactions. Aquariums, wristbands, pens or cooking recipes can become a powerful social link, a « relational catalyst », as Licia Demuro, curator, calls it. The web pages made by the artist materialize the shape of these artworks and keep their memories. The artist questions the collective relashionships and makes the acting individual the base of her artworks, redrawing the contours of the art. »

Françoise pour l’œuvre contemporaine association

Licia Demuro
64th Salon de Montrouge's catalogue, written by Licia Demuro